Artist's Statement

With the SPEED series I relate movement and stillness. Trees, woods and nature are closely associated with permanence and continuance in time. These still objects are captured by moving the camera at high speed, as if to represent this era of rapid changes, characterized by the exponential growth of communications technologies, the escalation of social issues and an increase in individualistic attitudes. The results are unusual, dynamic images, abstract representations almost contradicting the principles of logic.

Alicia Marocchi Jannots

Speed, haste and motion,
characteristic aspects of modern life, are placed in relation to nature. The forest moves, loses itself, searches for a fixed point, around which images revolve. […]

The pictorial effect of these landscape photos is generated solely by camera movement and exposure. Alicia Marocchi Jannots creates unsettling images, which long for peace and steadiness and so perhaps our hope to stop the dynamics of the changing woodlands.

Thomas Holthoff, culture manager and gallerist

Space, time and movement
create abstract qualities, which suggest falling, dancing leaves, whirls or carousel rides. The thematic element is in itself static, only the rapid change of place shows simultaneous moments. […]

These pictures contain still landscapes, which seem abstract because of their blurred lines and areas and appear to move in a playful manner. While the pictorial tendencies at the end of the 19th century rejected the technicality of the photo camera, Alicia Marocchi Jannots supports it and uses it. The resulting images contradict the way we usually perceive things, because nature is here made dynamic by technic.

Birte Abel, art historian Fine Arts Museum Hamburg